Payment schedule

What is the Tango Creations/Art Erotica Cafe payment schedule?

Payments are transferred twice a month: on the first and third Friday.

Payments under £50 will run over to the next payment run unless the payment method is PayPal (payment currency: GBP)

Invoicing and Statements

For each pay run Tango Creations/Art Erotica Cafe will generate a statement (listing all orders qualifying for payout) as well as an invoice for the commission. You will receive notice of this by email, along with a scheduled payment date.
The total paid by the customer for the order (artwork price and shipping) minus the commission (and VAT if applicable) will then be remitted to you via PayPal.

To view your statements and invoices, please go to your Seller/Vendor Dashboard.

NOTE: We are unable to process payments to sellers who have not filled in their payment details in the payment section of their Tango Creations/Art Erotica Cafe profile. Details must be in place at least 48 hours before the scheduled payment date of a pay run in order to qualify. If the details are not present or not correct, payment will run over to the next payment run.